Road Rage

Do you drive your leadership style?

I drove to Palmerston last week and was horrified by the drivers on the road. Impatient men in four-wheel drives with business names splashed all over the vehicle for easy identification.

During my drive I was pushed, tail gated, tooted at and given the “bird”. The speed of the traffic exceeded the limit and I think (I hope) that two of the mavericks that were bullying me had their photo taken by the camera.

One vehicle with the words Property Maintenance in dark green written all over it was so impatient and so rude he was stopping for no one. My mind read was that he was angry! I was driving with the other cars in front of me a little over the speed limit and in the correct lane when he finally turned off leaving me with some words I could lip read F##K O** to this I was puzzled.

My Mercedes Benz CLK 280 could drag him down the road faster than his temper flies yet for some unknown reason I was getting his wrath.

So this made me think!

Since I could work out he was advertising a business either his or someone who pays him, would I engage their services? NO! Would I want to work for that company (maybe I had an application in already to work with that company?…Yikes withdraw that now) Absolutely NO WAY.

The Leadership style that this company was showing of itself was not favourable.

Oh don’t get me wrong I only remember two company names on the four vehicles that harassed me, one being my business neighbour.

Just think about it, the style of leadership that was being demonstrated on the road, a short drive from Winnellie to Palmerston demonstrated impatience, anger, inability to consider others (empathy), not respecting others model of the world, not listening or taking in the signs that something is ahead and most of all these drivers demonstrated that they may be workplace bullies.

Leadership has patience and empathy, it can anticipate hazards and it can allow others a little bit of time in the day.
I am a good driver I enjoy speed I also think that life is being reflected in driving styles and Darwin has fallen prey to the cosmopolitan hype of I am too busy to consider you and I am angry and impatient as I have so much to do!

When next you drive consider your leadership style especially if you have your business or the business that pays you to drive their car with the business name written all over the vehicle because you may lose potential staff and or clients.

Happy Motoring!

Annette Gillanders Trainer and Master Business Coach