How do you make decisions?

Decision making

How do you make decisions? I find this a fascinating topic as I have observed my decision-making process. I have in the past suffered from Decision Fatigue the quality of my decisions deteriorating in the afternoon and with the volume of decisions that need to be made affecting my decision.

With many decisions to be made our ability to have consistency declines as the speed increases. Barack Obama reduced his decision-making process by wearing only two suit variations either blue or grey and he ate mainly the same foods each day, what he did was eliminate the number of decisions that he had to make each day so that he had the Decision Energy for his job.

When do you make decisions? is it in the morning afternoon or do you make a splattering of decisions consistently throughout the day? do you need to refer to someone for your decision making?

Some of use vary our decision-making technique between home and work, there may be more decisions to make at home than at work and vice versa, but never underestimate that the number of decisions that we make each day is of high volume, from the minute we awake will be hit the snooze button, a shower yes or no, what to wear and the list goes on.