Change at work

How to Create Amazing Change at Work

We’ve already discussed creating amazing change in life and in business but what about you’re work environment?

We spend so much time at work, and such a significant proportion of our waking moments there, it can be easy to get stuck in routine, in a rut, and accept things as they are. If you have difficult co-workers, an unsupportive boss, or an unpleasant working environment with limited potential for advancement, creating change can seem overwhelming.  Fear not. Help is at hand. Here’s a framework to guide you through it.

  • Accept and Define change is required. Like our previous posts about change, accepting and defining  the change that is needed is the first step. Decide what change you really want to see and define it.
  • Collaborate on change. In any workspace, change cannot happen isolation. You will need to involve others. Be it your co workers, your boss or that rude supplier that always makes you late with deadlines, change is a collaborative process, so getting those key people involved in the change is crucial for it to happen.
  • Make a plan for change. Once you’re aware that change needs to happen, you might need to “ sell” the concept of change, especially if the person you need to sell it to is required to expend resources (financial or human)  on the change.  Outline carefully, why the change is needed, spell out the benefits of the change and if applicable where it might save the organisation money. Perhaps in terms of increased productivity, more efficient use of resources, and so on. Do your research and outline some draft budgets and time-frames.
  • Initiate change. Once change has been agreed to offer to be the project manager in initiating and rolling out the change. Be the change agent that gets co-workers and other stakeholders behind it.
  • If at first you don’t succeed… If change isn’t readily accepted, don’t give up. Continue to share information and highlight the benefits of the change required.

If after going through this process change is still unsuccessful and your work situation becomes untenable, don’t be afraid of walking away. Rather than viewing this as failure, review what was missing to make it work, view it as an opportunity to create even more amazing change in your work, by finding other professional opportunities that inspire, empower and offer the change you want to see.  Such opportunities are out there.

Change starts with you…