Make it happen

If you want it you will make it happen!

I have so much admiration for those who really want something and they find a way to get it. They think laterally about how they can achieve their goal, flexible thinking!

We recently ran a number of NLP Practitioner Certification courses this year and in each class there is often one or two who really have to dig deep in order to get to be able to do the course, to participate. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of self, how to make changes within and how to achieve excellence and goals.

They know that in doing the course they will change their lives, they have the potential, they create a strategy and most of all they have belief. By having belief you will make your goal happen, you may not know exactly when or how, you just know that you have the resources; you can get the resources to get it.

One of the goal setters that I really admire is Emma from Emma’s Creative Therapies. Now Emma once lived in Darwin then moved to Cairns. She loves Cairns it’s a great fit, she has much to offer there.

Emma rang me and said I want to do the NLP Practitioner course and I don’t have the money.  I offered her a payment plan that would mean she would be in the next intake from when she wanted to do the course.

Then Emma decided to do a “RAK”, a Random Act of Kindness. She asked for help to get to the course and in return she would do a RAK for the donation. Well she had several donations and she accepted them with gratitude. Still a little short of cash to fund the course and flights Emma decided to talk to the bank to get a credit card and pay the remainder.

Emma did make it to Darwin she did participate in the course. She now is in a management role as well as developing her natural therapy business.
So hats off to Emma and to Jacob also, he just found a way to be part of the course after first becoming aware of NLP almost 10 years earlier. Then there is Deb she did her best to get time off of work and deal with a few personal hurdles to be part of our training.

If you really want something you can make it happen.

You may have to wait a bit longer for it, though I know you will really savour the taste of it when you do get it. I know that for me doing all my NLP Certifications has taken far longer that I had intended, now as a trainer of NLP, the timing was the perfect timing for me.
So if your goals are to create change in yourself for a new compelling future then join us in any one of our NLP Courses then start making it happen now!

Annette Gillanders Trainer and Master Business Coach