What Change is Required in Life or Work?

Be it work, business or your personal life, sometimes it’s not always obvious when change is required, and more particularly when you’re the one required to make the change. Here are some signs that change might be needed:

  1. Misaligned Goals.  We’ve talked before about how particularly in leadership, success comes not just from the path you take, but also the people you choose to travel with on your journey. If your goals are not aligned with those with whom you chose to travel, it might time to change your travelling partners.
  2. Diminishing Returns. Whether it’s professional or personal life, returns are determined by both the quality and quantity of our investment. Be it financial, emotional or other, if you’re returns are shrinking or stagnating, change could very much be on the cards.
  3. Lack of information. In business, information and data is an increasingly valuable commodity. Similarly in life, knowledge and information is power. If you feel unaware, or lack the knowledge to take you further, change it. Get some. There are people who can help you acquire it.
  4. Boredom. There is nothing worse than the feeling of boredom, of being stuck in a rut, be it in work or life. German philosopher Schopenhauer famously said, “ The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.”  While we all experience boredom from time to time, continued boredom is a red alert that you need to make some serious changes.
  5. You focus on negatives more than positives. If you catch yourself finding the negative more than the positive in everyday situations or if others close to you tell you that this is what you do. Change. You and everyone around you will thank you.
  6. You’re not the main protagonist in your own life.  In the movie based on your life, who are you? Are you the annoying neighbour, the quirky best friend, or worse – the sabotaging boss. Everyone should be the star in their own lives. But if your constantly playing second fiddle or taking second place to those around you, it’s time to step up. Change and be the star you are.
  7. Fear is often the most critical thing holding us back from being who we are meant to be. If fear is stopping you from doing things you know you should, change needs to happen.
  8. Competitiveness. In business, in sport and to some degree in life, being competitive can be healthy and positive. If however, you find yourself constantly competing for attention, or engaging in constant one-upmanship, not so good.

Any other signs we’ve missed?

How do you recognise change?

If you’ve experienced these and they continue to occur, it could be a red alert that change is desperately needed.

As challenging as that seems, help is at hand.